Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter sale at FabulousStreet!!! Cheap Nfu-ohs! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Here is the skinny straight from my FabStreet email- "We are clearing our inventory on the Discontinued Paint Series (No. 133-282)  They are marked 30% off.  All other polishes are marked on 10-20% off.  OFFER Valid from 04/01/2010 until 04/30/2010"
Now is the time to buy your Nfu-ohs ladies! FabulousStreet.
This was the first polish I put on after I was abducted by aliens and they hacked my nails off.  It's 2 coats and ALMOST made me feel better.

Here are my NFU-OH SWATCHES to help out with your shopping process.
Love, MM


  1. OMG... Guess who is going on a polish spree!

  2. No fair you US guys get all the fun :( !
    Poo on fabuloustreet for not shipping overseas.

  3. So that means the pretty blue 119 is going to be gone? *shoots self*