Thursday, April 8, 2010

You and me goin' fishin' in the dark...

Nail polish is such a weird and out of character hobby for a tomboy like me.  It just doesn't make sense in the whole scheme of my personality. But I love polish anyway and embrace my clashing interests in full force by always making sure to sport gorgeous manis while I'm being a filthy, foul mouthed, fish gut covered, hardcore fisherman. The sight of my bait encrusted hands with a glimmer of pretty polish shining through the gunk makes me smile, feel powerful and strangely proud.
Here is a photo from this afternoon of my Zoya Sparkle skittles mani and a cute little fishy in his last seconds of life before becoming strip bait. This photo also captured the last few seconds of my mani in a blood/gut free state.  At least the last sight he gazed upon was a gorgeous glittery frenzy of color.

Tee Hee. 

Love, MM


  1. HAHA!! I haven't been fishing since I was a kid. I miss it. :(

  2. This collection is crazy mad fabulous.
    Love the fish also!

  3. looks like a mermaid's fingers touching a fish under the see:)

  4. The husband and I just picked up some fishing gear. Can't wait :D

  5. Awesome! Glad to know there is another NP & fishing fanatic! :)

    Season isn't open up here yet :( Can't wait to get my boat out and fish!