Friday, April 9, 2010

New York Summer Pt 6

So far the formula on NYS polish has held about 95% consistent.  The jelly neons and cremes apply great with no drag. The shimmers and frosts are sheer and require 4+ coats. Mostly everything with "hot" in the name isn't a lie, and they dry in a reasonable amount of time. Sheer or not, these polishes can handle 6-7 coats without dragging at the cuticle or tip and that my friends is an insane feat to accomplish!  Not that anyone is going to sit and apply six coats to discover it, other than me of course. You're welcome.
Here is the first exception to the rule.  This being SIX coats is NOT HOT people. Not hot. And where is the turquoise and for that matter where the hell is the BLUE?  Six coats is hilarious to me.
I guess don't hate it. This was 3 coats. It's just kinda ok. Deffinately not hot. It applied great though. I'm lying, I totally HATE this.
This was my biggest disapointment out of the entire NYS collection.  Why?  This is NOT purple and certainly not a HOT purple.  This is a mauvey, ugly MAGENTA with some type of brownish undertone.  Totally not hot. This was 3 coats BTW.
Totally accurate name. I want to say this was 4-5 coats. LOL.
Highlighter yellow neon jelly. Wow! This is 3 thin coats and it dried FAST. Now this one is worth buying if you need a good neon yellow. No drag and good coverage! Bonus- no red fingers!

For more information on NYS polish check out parts 1-5. 
Love, MM


  1. These aren't great. That's a shame! I can't get this brand anyway in the UK so...
    But their Amaranth is to die for!
    Let's face it - if a polish doesn't look lovely on you (and nearly all of them do) then it isn't going to suit many people.

  2. yep these are pretty bad. But hey better I waste my money on them then you guys!