Friday, April 16, 2010

Misa Poisoned Passion collection

My absolute favorite Misa collection Ever

This may be in my top 3 collections of ALL TIME, which is why I'm swatching it so long after it was released.  Also because I don't care. It really needed some more swatchin' love people! So what if it was released in 2008?  This collection is nearly perfect.  

The colors are spot ON, they apply very well, the names are awesome, AND they are ALL two coats and you're done. DONE.  I love these polishes so much I even re-swatched some of them just because they are so pretty.   Not to mention this collection holds two of my favorites.  My favorite dark blue shimmer EVER, and my favorite red jelly EVER.

Ahhhhhhh...that was nice.

Love, MM


  1. A sin worth committing is sooooooo gorgeous! I like!

  2. Your pics are always so a
    awesome! Love it!

    BTW you have been tagged!!!

  3. this whole collection is the best!!!!! . seems they've been slippin since then----edgy,dark,sexy thats apparently is where its at. i absolutely love all these shades on you, im getting a few colors from this at h2t soon ---toxic seduction, dying love . some things just don't go outta style :)

  4. No doubt about it. Those are gloreous.

  5. Glooooooooooooooooooooooooria! This was a fantastic collection.