Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Introducing... Donavin!

It just wasn't cool that Zoya had a polish named after one step child but not the other.  Sooooo...
Here is my latest franken, Donavin.  A deep grass green creme base with loads of golden shimmer and gold micro glitter. I freakin LOVE this green! *iz proud*
You can click these to try and see the shimmer a little better. 
Here it is with flash.
I even made a custom label for the bottle.  It doesn't get ANY more Irish than this folks!  A dark leaf green with gold glitter and shimmer named Donavin?  It might as well be named "the luck of the Irish" or something.  Hopefully she will love it!

So, whatchoo thank?

Love, MM

Essie Spam!

Here are some of my favorite Essies.

Love, MM

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The stepdaughter's secret stash.

Would you look at that.
Hmmmm...That innocent little tote bag looks familiar to me.
OH YEAH, that's because it's filled with my step daughters nail polish stash.   So, since they accidentally left this at my house let's accidentally snoop through it shall we?
Ok, let's get this mission organized here. I lined up singles and pairs at the top and groups in the center.  Tools on the right, and 15 cents under the tools.  Hey, we gotta be thorough here people, don't you know how to snoop? 
In the top row we have some polishes of interest.  I see OPI seaguillible and a very old China Glaze mood changing polish. I also see Revlon not so blueberry a scented polish, and the awesome Revlon flash of fuchsia. LUCKY!
Hmmm, they have a pretty large sinful collection. Too bad the naughty girls lost some LABELS. Tisk Tisk. 
Whats this odd piece of trash doing in here? 
Whoops that's not trash! It's the "no print" bottle of Zoya Indigo I gave them. Awwww. They wrapped it in toilet paper for safe keeping.  Which is a good thing because I think that bottle is pretty rare.  Its just a blank bottle without "zoya" printed on it anywhere.
In the tools section we have 2 sets of clippers, 2 sets of toe separators, 2 packs of deep woods OFF wipes (these are great for doing manicures in the everglades on air boats) a nail file, stop the bite by healthy hoof, a plastic polish tester, and 15 cents. 
They have all 5 Claires mood changing polishes and a set of 6 of the "good kind" of nail art polishes among lot's of other awesome stuff!!!  JEALOUS!

But...I decided not to swatch their stash.  I just couldn't do it.  They probably wouldn't care but I have to operate as though it were me. And if it WERE me being secretly blogged about I would absolutely FLIP MY LID if someone swatched my polishes or even touched them while I wasn't home, swatches. 

Their stash is pretty healthy for a couple a kids huh? I have to admit I am really jealous of some of it!
Oh, ooops! Did I forget about the part of their stash that they leave at my house?  How could I be so silly!  Of course they have WAY more polish than they take home with them, DUH.  But we will leave this mountain of old OPI's and rare gems for another time... lucky girls.
What?  You could not have really believed that ALL their polish fit in that tiny bag!  A girl has to have options!

Love, MM

Still waiting... Color Club Dance to the Musique collection.

I love this set of polish and I feel it's totally worth swatching it this far after it's release. Mostly because I need to swatch SOMETHING while I'm waiting for new collections to come out or I might loose it.  Actually my step chitlins left their polish stash at my house by mistake and I've been meaning to swatch all their stuff before they get back and rip it from my hands. So that's on my waiting list as well.  They have like 40 something polishes already, LOL whooops!  It's not MY fault that's for sure.  I have no idea where they get their polish obsessions from, talk to their mom I think it must be all HER fault.

On to da swatches.
I think this is supposed to be a blackened orange shimmer but in reality it is a sheer burnt orange FAIL. This is FOUR coats.
Gorgeous jewel toned red, this is a one coater!  PS- I'm still re-learning to paint my nubbins so back OFF I know its messy! 
Loooooooooooooove!  This is like a blackened rusty redish, brownish shimmer and it's so awesome dudes. 2 coats.
Dark purplish blue shimmer with particles of pink and blue glitter. Killer polish.
Super dark blackened eggplant. OMG!  This is so pigmented it just sorta applied itself! One coater here folks.
Another gunmetal shimmer but this one has silver micro glitter. Super sheer, 3 coats. Again sorry about the frazzle nubbins are hard to paint, people!

Over all this collection is simply wonderful, I highly recommend buying it at your earliest convenience.

Love, MM

Monday, June 28, 2010

While were waiting...

While we all desperately wait for the new Orly plastix and Cosmix and China Glaze Vintage Vixen collections to come out let's take a look at some awesome older polishes that you can buy right now to give some direction back to that hole in your pocket.  We must not overlook the fact that a steady stream of polish must be available to buy at all times, otherwise the steady stream of cash that buys the polish might stop.  I mean I don't know about you but if I can't track at least one package everyday I start to panic.  If I don't keep up the constant stream of polishes I "have to have" my fiance might make a major mistake and think I don't need anymore money for polish. 

So, here is Color Club's Wild at Heart Collection.  I love this set and it's a cheap thrill while we wait.  Next I'll do the Color Club Dance to the Music collection. You can buy these sets at VNS for about $14 plus shipping.
please excuse the quality of this photo.  This polish is actually a flesh toned holo and it's gorgeous in 2 coats.  I had a major catastrophe while attempting to capture this polish on film so I have a good excuse for it being craptastic.  You see, I was looking for a sunspot in which to photograph when I innocently peered downwards. Mere feet from my exposed toes I spotted a LOCUST the size of a freakin' bologna and cheese sandwich.  During my sprint across the porch my eyes stayed locked on it's prehistoric plastic-like body.  It was EATING.  It's front legs were making jolting and eratic movements as it maneuvered a leaf in its mini wood chipper mouth.  It had baby arms like a mini T-Rex people. BABY ARMS.  Mini, plasticy, sticky, grabby, giant locust arms were coming to GET ME as I ran to the door and of course I made it safely inside.  Actually the locust didn't even move except for the nasty arm thing with the leaf.  And maybe it wasn't the size of a sandwich, but it was at least the size of a soft taco supreme. At the very LEAST.
This is a multi-toned fine glitter in a clear base that flashes from gold to amber to yellow. It's almost metallic at some angles.  It's brutal awesome layered! This is 3 coats.
 Gunmetal grey shimmer. This one is brush strokey but still cool and I still wear it. 2 coats but as you can see it needed 3.
Gorgeous blue based green shimmer.  I LOVE this color.  It is so smooth going on and man is it eye catching! This is 2 coats.
 Dark purple holo, nuff said. 2 coats.
This is a black jelly with fine gold glitter.  It is gorgeous when the sun hits it.  It's a lot like China Glaze's wagon trail but the glitter is much larger in this one.  3 coater.

Love, MM

Friday, June 25, 2010

There's a fingernail in da meatloaf

If you're like me then while you're cooking you accidentally chop off your fingernails while slicing things. Also If you're like me you will ignore your fingernail hanging by a thread for long enough that you forget about it and then hand mix a meatloaf thus incorporating your nail, polish and all, into the dish. You would remember seconds after placing said meatloaf in the oven if you were like me and would take the secret to your grave.  Except for your blog.

Just a quick tip. Don't be like me.

Love, MM

I wish I was cool too.

Check it out.  I SO WISH I was one of those super cool bloggers that gets to review stuff before it EVEN COMES OUT.  I am so jealous.  SO VERY JEALOUS.  I mean Vintage Vixen by China Glaze is my dream come true as far as polish colors go and it is simply KILLING ME to see everyone else posting their review swatches. I want to scream from the rooftops, "CHINA GLAZE I LOVE YOU, PLEASE THINK I AM COOL, AND HERE IS MY MAILING ADDRESS!".  

I need the vintage vixen collection like I need coffee ok, I need it from deep within the depths of my soul.  And even more than needing to own the polish, I long for the chance to get my hands on them for review before anyone else does, and post swatches for all to see while yelling out, "NA NA NA NA NA NA!!!"

But since I am NOT in the fashion loop and I am NOT one of those cool bloggers *grumble* here are some stank, old, boring swatches of stuff that has been out FOREVER.  Zoya neutrals commin' up! 
Love. perfect in 2 coats. This wore like iron.  What a great shade of putty, I want walls this color.
This is basically Amanda with a drop of yellow. 3 coats though.
I will never wear this. 4 coats pictured and makes my hands look "dirty".
My new favorite pale pink! 2 smooth coats, this one goes on the "wear often" shelf next to Amanda.
3 coater, meh.  I am not a fan of shimmer in neutral polishes.
This is really dark/warm/yellow for me as far as neutrals but I like it anyway! 2 coats.

I have always liked Zoya.  Great dry time, long lasting, cool colors, the bottles RULE, but GOOD LORD their customer service is the SUCK.  Once again they messed up my order.  I got 36 bottles...that's 6 full mini Zoya boxes.  Now you would THINK that Vitali would notice a problem when all 6 boxes aren't FULL.  Does Vitali always pack yalls orders too? lol.  So. Out of 36 colors take a WILD guess which color they left out. Just GUESS.  YEP, Zoya Ariel, the one named the same as my step daughter. AWESOME.

Love, MM

PS- Zoya's are still totally worth it.