Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The stepdaughter's secret stash.

Would you look at that.
Hmmmm...That innocent little tote bag looks familiar to me.
OH YEAH, that's because it's filled with my step daughters nail polish stash.   So, since they accidentally left this at my house let's accidentally snoop through it shall we?
Ok, let's get this mission organized here. I lined up singles and pairs at the top and groups in the center.  Tools on the right, and 15 cents under the tools.  Hey, we gotta be thorough here people, don't you know how to snoop? 
In the top row we have some polishes of interest.  I see OPI seaguillible and a very old China Glaze mood changing polish. I also see Revlon not so blueberry a scented polish, and the awesome Revlon flash of fuchsia. LUCKY!
Hmmm, they have a pretty large sinful collection. Too bad the naughty girls lost some LABELS. Tisk Tisk. 
Whats this odd piece of trash doing in here? 
Whoops that's not trash! It's the "no print" bottle of Zoya Indigo I gave them. Awwww. They wrapped it in toilet paper for safe keeping.  Which is a good thing because I think that bottle is pretty rare.  Its just a blank bottle without "zoya" printed on it anywhere.
In the tools section we have 2 sets of clippers, 2 sets of toe separators, 2 packs of deep woods OFF wipes (these are great for doing manicures in the everglades on air boats) a nail file, stop the bite by healthy hoof, a plastic polish tester, and 15 cents. 
They have all 5 Claires mood changing polishes and a set of 6 of the "good kind" of nail art polishes among lot's of other awesome stuff!!!  JEALOUS!

But...I decided not to swatch their stash.  I just couldn't do it.  They probably wouldn't care but I have to operate as though it were me. And if it WERE me being secretly blogged about I would absolutely FLIP MY LID if someone swatched my polishes or even touched them while I wasn't home, so...no swatches. 

Their stash is pretty healthy for a couple a kids huh? I have to admit I am really jealous of some of it!
Oh, ooops! Did I forget about the part of their stash that they leave at my house?  How could I be so silly!  Of course they have WAY more polish than they take home with them, DUH.  But we will leave this mountain of old OPI's and rare gems for another time... lucky girls.
What?  You could not have really believed that ALL their polish fit in that tiny bag!  A girl has to have options!

Love, MM


  1. LOL this is really funny, I love snooping around in other peoples stash. They have an impressive amount of lovely polishes!!!

  2. WOW!! For some young girls, they definitely have a lot of polish! And quite the range of colors - go girls! Are you going to clue them in to this post?

  3. Megan, yes I'm going to call them. tee hee.

  4. hehehe that was awesome! That is so something i would have done, cuz we girls have curious bones....and they have to be satisfied.

    At least they dont borrow from your collection to add to theres( this I am guilty of but my mom rarely wears hers so I am taking care of them for her *cough*)

  5. Damn these girls are PACKIN'!

  6. hehehehe!! I actually felt like I was snooping because I heard someone comng up behind me and I hide the screen. HAHAH!! Awesome stash, gals!!

  7. decent haul! any of that once yours.... my little girl has a nice little shoebox full of goodies to some cc,cg,fingerpaints shes waaaay ahead at 3yrs. and princessy to match does touch up b4 daycare no lie!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, their stash is better than mine :))

  9. All that and $.15?!?!? Damn that is a hell of a lot of polish! Even some vintage Sally Hansens!!!!!