Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm back online home dawgs!!!

Hello. I have not had internet since April 28th 2010 and I am lucky to still be alive.  Seriously have you ever been without internet for that long?  SERIOUSLY?   Do you realize how long that is in "interwebz time"?  It's like 5 years ok.

The first week or so I tried to be cool about it and act all one with nature and, "I'm living the simple life" hanging my clothes out to dry and not shaving my legs, THEN, I became so desperate for a connection to my beloved laptop I started to play those dumb ass games in the accessories tab just so I could spend time on the computer.  Go ahead punk, challenge me to a game of minesweeper, I freaking dare you.  I am a P.R.O.

A quick side note here- Dear poor pathetic winner of my Boston Terrier Rescue giveaway. Your polish was mailed yesterday and please tell me how you would like to receive your $25 bones. I am so incredibly sorry it has taken so long to get you the goods!

Anyhoo here are a few swatches of the china glaze poolside collection, NOT.  What I mean is, here are the two polishes from the poolside collection that I bought, slathered in glitter because they are stupid on their own.
Towel boy toy is the base for this one. It applies ok but I am SICK of neons and this is a 3+ coater worn alone. BLECH.
Meh.  This is Kiwi coolada under sour apple. It looks like crap alone and takes a lot of coats but this combo was kinda cool. I actually wore it for over 24 hours which is almost a record.
Here is Electric Lilac over the purple polish from the poolside collection...oh WAIT they didn't freaking MAKE a purple they just made three more identical bright pinks instead. The base for this, since I was unable to acquire a new purple, was spontaneous. 

It's great to be back dudes.

Love, MM


  1. I must say that Poolside is nothing remotely special. A bunch of neons/plain cremes.
    From a company that can do so much better. Sad.

  2. Welcome back!!
    I like the sour apple.

  3. I was disappointed with how many coats they took. I bought 2. I've been without internet for 6 MONTHS. Dark times, I tell ya.

  4. Aww, they are just trying to keep up with Color Club's amazing neons! But I do love Spontaneous. Welcome back!

  5. i missed ya kid, was on the website lookin at old picks , and then like a wish come true you're back-dawg:) love at the new cg in july & orlys coming in sept----sick or what !!!!!!ttyl dawg oh yeah poolsdie sucks in total agreement with jaljen... vintage vixen is on fire though

  6. Ah awesome! Welcome back, I missed your offensively funny posts. :P

  7. Glad to see you're back! The blog world just isn't the same without you.

    Poolside looked like a lot of the Color Club Electro Candy collection, but without the cool shimmer. And, of course, the purple. LAME.

  8. I love your "corner" with polishes storage and ur table! I will hopefully have some place like this one day as well :)