Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's MISS Jess to YOU.

That's me.  Miss Jess.  You would know that if you read all the comments on my giveaway post from yesterday.  In the comments you will find the first official comments from my step daughters. They just became full blown legit followers of mah blog today.  They are sneaky and came within 3 polishes of winning the freakin contest!  Since They called me Miss Jess in the comments I figured I would just let the cat outta the bag. That's what they call me, and I suggest YOU do the same.

I STILL haven't gotten to the mammoth pile of polishes that need swatching so here are my last 3 NOTD's.
MCA with black tips.

So, on to the contest.  I have exactly 371 nail polishes. So since I am feeling INCREDIBLY LAZY, post here if you won, lol.

ETA: OK OK! I went back and looked and the winner is- 

"ANSTAH said... 367

~Nailstah (


Thanks for doing this! These are so fun!! "

Congrats dude! Email me at to claim your prize! 

Love, MM


  1. GRATS Anstah!

    I like the black tips with mint green. They look like mint chocolate chip icecream. mmmm.

  2. Oh, man!! I put 365 as my first guess but changed it after seeing everybody else's guess. LOL Congrats Anstah!! I like that first mani with the black tip.

  3. I am completely in love with MCA with black tips. !!

  4. Great winner, congrats ANSTAH! :D