Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Introducing... Donavin!

It just wasn't cool that Zoya had a polish named after one step child but not the other.  Sooooo...
Here is my latest franken, Donavin.  A deep grass green creme base with loads of golden shimmer and gold micro glitter. I freakin LOVE this green! *iz proud*
You can click these to try and see the shimmer a little better. 
Here it is with flash.
I even made a custom label for the bottle.  It doesn't get ANY more Irish than this folks!  A dark leaf green with gold glitter and shimmer named Donavin?  It might as well be named "the luck of the Irish" or something.  Hopefully she will love it!

So, whatchoo thank?

Love, MM


  1. That is just awesome!
    Why don't you sell that color to Zoya so we can have it too? *licks her mouth*

  2. Thanks guys!

    Polish pig- pffffft I would GIVE it to zoya if they wanted it! Fat chance...

  3. Gorgeous!!! What did you combine to get that wonderful color?

  4. my cousin would love the name ( as that is the name of one of her children) I was showing people zoya the other day( wait people don't know who zoya is?! OMG!!) but she was all sad as they don't have a sarah. Do they and I just can't find it? do you have any idea?

  5. megan- omg I used like 12 different polishes lol!

    paintedbluestars- just type in "sarah" on zoyas website and it will come up if they have one. :)

  6. That's my problem too! I've made some really nice Frankens, but I can't show and tell because I don't remember what I put in them! We should start writing them down.

  7. Yeah, that's is smart! MM ,can you order a double of Arielle? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you Miss Jess. I am so happy you went through all that hard work just to create a nail polish named after me. Can I wear it this weekend?

  9. Beautiful color! LOVE it! :-)

    By the way, I started a nail blog, and would love to have you follow. If you'd like to. :-)

  10. That is beautiful. I have some Zoya that I bought named after my grandson. :)

    I'm not sure if you have checked out my newest giveaway but here it is:

  11. I love it I just wish you remembered what you put in it.