Monday, June 28, 2010

While were waiting...

While we all desperately wait for the new Orly plastix and Cosmix and China Glaze Vintage Vixen collections to come out let's take a look at some awesome older polishes that you can buy right now to give some direction back to that hole in your pocket.  We must not overlook the fact that a steady stream of polish must be available to buy at all times, otherwise the steady stream of cash that buys the polish might stop.  I mean I don't know about you but if I can't track at least one package everyday I start to panic.  If I don't keep up the constant stream of polishes I "have to have" my fiance might make a major mistake and think I don't need anymore money for polish. 

So, here is Color Club's Wild at Heart Collection.  I love this set and it's a cheap thrill while we wait.  Next I'll do the Color Club Dance to the Music collection. You can buy these sets at VNS for about $14 plus shipping.
please excuse the quality of this photo.  This polish is actually a flesh toned holo and it's gorgeous in 2 coats.  I had a major catastrophe while attempting to capture this polish on film so I have a good excuse for it being craptastic.  You see, I was looking for a sunspot in which to photograph when I innocently peered downwards. Mere feet from my exposed toes I spotted a LOCUST the size of a freakin' bologna and cheese sandwich.  During my sprint across the porch my eyes stayed locked on it's prehistoric plastic-like body.  It was EATING.  It's front legs were making jolting and eratic movements as it maneuvered a leaf in its mini wood chipper mouth.  It had baby arms like a mini T-Rex people. BABY ARMS.  Mini, plasticy, sticky, grabby, giant locust arms were coming to GET ME as I ran to the door and of course I made it safely inside.  Actually the locust didn't even move except for the nasty arm thing with the leaf.  And maybe it wasn't the size of a sandwich, but it was at least the size of a soft taco supreme. At the very LEAST.
This is a multi-toned fine glitter in a clear base that flashes from gold to amber to yellow. It's almost metallic at some angles.  It's brutal awesome layered! This is 3 coats.
 Gunmetal grey shimmer. This one is brush strokey but still cool and I still wear it. 2 coats but as you can see it needed 3.
Gorgeous blue based green shimmer.  I LOVE this color.  It is so smooth going on and man is it eye catching! This is 2 coats.
 Dark purple holo, nuff said. 2 coats.
This is a black jelly with fine gold glitter.  It is gorgeous when the sun hits it.  It's a lot like China Glaze's wagon trail but the glitter is much larger in this one.  3 coater.

Love, MM


  1. I'd never tried CC polishes before this year but I am in love! Rule Breaker looks so pretty!

  2. I have Wild at Heart and have beem eyeing up With Abandon for ages now. Color Club's are fantastic - cheap, amazing colours and perfect formulas!

  3. wild at heart is my favorite out of these but with abandon is a close second.

  4. OMG your story about the locust totally just made me LOL. One time I saw a bee the size of my fist. But what happened to you sounds worse.

    Anyway thanks for the swatches... I just added Wild at Heart & Rule Breaker to my wish list :)

  5. im getting with abandon its on my haul list from h2t and this was a great collex!!! rule breaker is pretty just got it, really didnt know about on the wild side so i got with abandon i think its a darker grey steely color.

  6. OMG I was trying so hard not to LOL at your locust story - I'm like that with anything with sticky feet. And little arms. LMAO!! Wild At Heart is GORGEOUS!! I need another purple (holo) like I need a hole in the head, but like you said, if you stop buying polishes, somebody might think you don't need more. We ALWAYS need more!! I've stopped making lemming lists because it's too hard to keep them all in one place.

  7. Haha! They seriously do have prehistoric plastic bodies. I had an experience like this taking polish pictures but it was right by my freakin' face! Except it was the creepy, crunchy, dry body shells that they shed off...0_0