Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fright Night Claw Polish Swatches and Review

I found these little jewels in the Halloween section of Wal-mart.
I know it must be a HUGE surprise that I bought every color they had. I mean, the bottles ARE SHAPED LIKE COFFINS! Who in the world could pass that up? NOT ME that's who. Not to mention they say FRIGHT NIGHT on the stinkin' bottles!!! I had to have them. It was not a choice, it was a need. A deep, stabby, grabby, clingy, unrelenting NEED.
Did I mention the bottles are shaped like coffins? Because they are. My fiance likes to tell me that this form of marketing is called "the appeal to emotion" and that it was invented and created solely based on me. But I say it has nothing to do with freakin MARKETING!!! THE BOTTLES ARE SHAPED LIKE COFFINS! MUST ACQUIRE!!!!!

Coffin bottles aside I think my favorite thing about these polishes are the names. I was literally laughing my ass off while I was swatching them and reading the names. They have these very scary, halloweeny names like Sinister, Poison, and Toxic then they throw in Blue as a name just to spice things up a bit. I just kept running scenarios through my head as to how the same company can name one polish Bloodshed then the very next one Blk Orange. Did the polish naming dude get pissed off and walk out because they docked his overtime pay and the only employee left to name the polish was a one armed, imagination less chimpanzee with Sars? Did the label printer dude fail the 12 steps and crawl into a bottle of Jack during the printing process?  It's things like this that are truly hilarious to me. 
 This is a really awesome topcoat.  The base color is perfectly pigmented. It's just pigmented enough to be opaque on it's own in 3 coats and also work as a topcoat over other polishes without completely changing the base color. This ruby red sparkler seriously gives Ruby Pumps a run for its money people.
 This is described on the packaging as "metallic" and I guess it sort of is. I'm not sure what else to really call it besides pretty.
 A one coat satin black from a cheapy Halloween polish brand? Say it ain't so!
 This one is black and orange string glitter in a clear base layered over Sinister. The name rules dudes! So freakin original!
 This one is also a one coater if you're careful.
 I think the name says it all on this one guys.
 Another one described as "metallic". This is a 2 coat gorgeous purple shimmer.
Listen up dudes. This is the most neon polish I have ever seen in my life. I had to take the photo in the dark to keep it from over exposing or blurring out completely. It's a jelly base and takes a good 3 thick coats but it's totally worth it for the retina burning neon effect!

To my surprise these actually don't suck! They apply well and all of them are two coaters or less with the exception of the "topcoat" VooDoo and the orange one called Pumpkin. I was pretty shocked when the black flowed onto my nails and covered in one single coat! I was really expecting these to be nothing more than cute novelties in awesome bottles but they are actually wearable! Bonus!

 Happy Halloween!

Love, MM


  1. I think these are made by wet n wild, i may be wrong though

  2. Anna- They might be? but the small print on the packaging says "Salon Perfect" as the brand. That might be affiliated with wet n wild though, I have no idea!

    Femputer- I AGREE!!!

  3. I saw a couple of these colors the other night but I couldn't bring myself to spent $3 on them. I was afraid they'd suck - but after reading your post, I might have to get one (or 3), though they definitely did not have the selection you had! Damnit!

  4. megan- First off, they moved the display at my store to the halloween end cap BEHIND a box of fake eyelashes completely out of view! So check behind EVERYTHING! I found 4 more colors that way! I also thought they were very pricey for what they are! BUT I made myself promise I would return them if they sucked! Anyhoo here is my plan; when these get marked down after halloween, which there is a 99% chance they will be, bring in your receipt and ask for the difference between what you paid and the sale price as a refund. If they refuse say this, " ok then ill return these for full price and buy the ones one sale" then they will refund you. :) I do it all da time!

  5. My best girlfriend refers to toxic neon orange as "brain raping orange" ...Yeah?

    COFFINS! I'd buy them all too. :D

  6. they look so cool - I would have bought all of them myself

  7. They are gorgeous! How much each?

  8. Damn, now I wish I lived in the US - we don't have nail polish shaped as coffins here :(

  9. I love these! I bought a Sinister nail polish for my costume and I'm planning to wear it all year! (that's the polish people, not the costume)

  10. Oh my gosh! This is my first time reading your blog (ended up here after googling "Hard Candy Beetle swatch" cuz I was wondering if Beetle might be a dupe for Orly Space Cadet/MAC Mean & Green which I have been SERIOUSLY lemming but haven't gotten). Well, hello SUCCESS!!! WOOT! :-D

    Although your pics are AMAZING, your commentary just about made me pee! You're a total card!!!

    So I kept reading - of course the second post I picked was about the Fright Night "Coffin" polishes - ROFL!!! The naming thing you focused on totally struck my funny bone (too hilarious, what WERE they thinking??!) plus now I want to check my local Walmarts to see if they have any of them! The colors are great! I didn't see them at my local Wallys but I wonder if they didn't get hidden away somewhere I didn't venture - and are now on DEEP clearance?! Bwahahahaha!!! ;)

    Anyway, thanks a TON for the laughs - and PLEASE keep blogging - your sense of humor is good for the soul (but possibly a challenge for the incontinent ;))!!!

    BTW, HC Mischief was a disaster for me, too. I returned it. :( And I LOVE HC... *pouts*

  11. Damn - as Asda here in the UK is owned by WalMart, why oh why don't we have these here?! :O

  12. OMG these are gorgeous! The colors, the bottles, the names (well, most of it :) But i can only dream bout them in my country

  13. Voodoo and Blk Orange are so pretty!