Wednesday, September 7, 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection.

I love this collection SO MUCH I just had to post it. This is one of the rare China Glaze collections where I love almost all of the colors. Normally I have to have no more than 6 of a 12 piece set but for this collection I had my heart set on 9 of them!

I was so obsessed with these that for the first time ever I went to Sally's and paid retail for them so I could get instant gratification. For someone as cheap as me that is really saying something.

This collection is so incredible but for some odd reason the promo pictures and advertising are really misleading. In the promo pic the polishes are arranged in such a way that the collection really looks STANK. It looks like burnt oranges and nothing but reds. YUCK! They really screwed up with that photo. I am willing to bet this collection would have been 50% more popular had they pulled the purple, grey and green polishes to the front of the display in the photo and let the red and pink polishes hide in the back. 

The formula on these is amazing across the board. All the cremes except one are careful one coaters and 2 of the glitters cover in a mere 2 coats.

One of the reasons this collection is so mesmerizing to me is that the colors are super complimentary to one another. They look fantastic side by side making you feel like you need all of them. 

Swatches!!! Please keep in mind I am re-learning to photograph nail polish since it's been FOREVER!

Purple and silver micro glitters of a few different shades in a clear base. This is 3 coats. This one is my least favorite of the 9 I bought but I still like it. It's sort of different.
 I adore this dark grey creme with a hint of blue. This is my all time favorite grey creme. This is the only grey I own that doesn't make my skin look over the top red.
 This is an eggplant base with duochrome micro glitter. The glitter flashes from orange to lime green. This is 2 coats. Amazing color!Even though I mostly stick to cremes these days I really love this one and I can't wait to wear it.
 Another view.
 Simply stunning dark blue, almost navy blue jelly with loads of silver micro glitter. This is only 2 coats!!! This is a must have.
 Darkish pink creme. Nothing new but I really like this for a pink. It makes my skin look so creamy and fresh. I can actually see myself wearing this on purpose.
 Mustard yellow with subtle shimmer. I bought this because it's so different. It makes my skin tone look horrible but this is probably the only yellow polish I will ever wear. 2 coats.
 Really gorgeous red based purple creme. This is really pretty but not really unique. This one needs more coats than all the other cremes. It's a minimum 2 coater.
 My favorite polish of the collection. Sort of an army or olive maybe a camo green creme. This dries at least 2 shades darker than the bottle. I adore this color! It looks incredible with Urban Night and Concrete Catwalk. MUST BUY!!!
 I really LOVE this red. I am so into red polish lately, especially cremes, and even more especially "different" red cremes. This is kind of murky almost with a tint of grey. Dies super duper shiny and makes my skin tone look amazing. This is the best red to come out all year.

Some updates on yours truley. After an 8 year relationship I am finally ready to get married and I am currently deep in the trenches of wedding planning. Man, it's insane but a lot of fun. I have been on this crazy hardcore diet for the last 6 weeks and planning on staying on it until my wedding 16 months away. Wish me luck on that rediculous crap! Also, I got CHICKENS! Thats right, you heard me correctly. I have PET CHICKENS now. They are so entertaining and sweet! The super cool thing about my new chickens is that they should start laying eggs in about a month and I just figured out that the reason I have been so sick lately is that I am alergic to EGGS. AWESOME!  

I am so excited to be posting after so long! It's nice to be back! 

Love, MM 


  1. :) YOU'RE BACK!!! when I got back into polish at the beginning of the year, yours was the first blog i ran across. I spent DAYS reading every single one of your posts. I have shared your lessons with many people. I still periodically come back hoping you'll come back!!! Thanks :D

  2. Thanks for these pretty swatches! I already have Skyscraper, need to have Trendsetter too!

  3. So glad you're back! You & your hilarious posts have been missed terribly!!!

  4. Glad to see you back! I love your swatches, they're so beautiful!

  5. *rubs eyes* Is it true? *lighting cracks* MM is back! No not Marilyn Manson.

  6. So glad you're back! Congrats on the wedding business :] I think it's hilarious that you have chickens, but poo about the egg allergy. Great post anyway, my favorite is Skyscraper