Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hard Candy- Beetle

I about flipped my lid when I saw this in Wal-mart last night! I bought it as fast as I could, as if somebody was going to snatch it from me before I could pay for it. I admired it all the way home. I even called my BFF to tell her how amazing it was in the bottle! 

Now, I will just flat out say this, "FUCK YOU FLORESCENT LIGHTING!!!"  Once AGAIN I have been duped into buying a false profit under the disguise of florescent lights. I got home and slapped it on my nails immediately. At half a freakin coat on the first freakin nail I screamed out, "THIS IS ANOTHER DUPE FOR SPACE CADET! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!".

That's right folks. Instead of buying Orly's super new, totally exclusive, ground breaking FX technology in the form of Space Cadet you can now get it from not only Mac in the form of Mean & Green, but you can BUY IT AT WAL-MART. I mean how super exclusive is THAT?
 While this is an exact dupe to Orly Space Cadet and therefore an exact dupe to Mac Mean & Green I like this one the best. I can only speak for Space Cadet and Beetle though, as those are the only two I have. Beetle is at least twice as pigmented as Space Cadet which makes it need way less coats and dry faster. I don't know if you guys have ever actually gotten Space Cadet opaque before but in my experience it takes SO MANY coats that it goops up and never dries. This photo of beetle is at three thin coats. It dried super fast and is totally opaque.
 Here is the comparison of the two in the shade. Space Cadet is at 5 coats here.
 And here they are in the sun.

Let's do a quick price breakdown folks-
Mac Mean & Green = $13
Orly Space Cadet = $10
Hard Candy Beetle = $5

See you at Wal-mart.

Love, MM


  1. Why can't nail companies dream up new and exciting duochrome shades instead of just making dupes? Or dupes of dupes in this case!
    When I heard Mac was releasing 3 duochromes I was super excited until I realized 2 of them were Orly dupes which I already owned...LAME!

  2. HA! Awesome. You nailed it.


    Ok I did not mean to pun just there.

  3. DOOD! I *knew* there was a reason I was going to look at HC last night. *sigh* I really need to pick this one up.

  4. Ha, I saw this in there the other day. I wanted to get it, but someone had busted it open and it was the only one. Ugh.

  5. Hi! After reading your post last night I HAD to go to Wallyworld today and get this polish. I never actually picked up a Hard Candy nail polish bottle because I was put off by the purple heart ring on top. Thanks for posting about this awesome polish!

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the polishes in the coffin shaped bottles. :( I'm going to the supercenter tomorrow to look for them.

  6. wow that is just gorgeous!!!