Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hard Candy Halloween 2010

This year Hard Candy released three limited edition polishes exclusive for Halloween. Hell yeah! 
Halloween polishes are my THANG baby! Then go ahead and tell me they're limited edition and I might not be able to get them... DANG! Slow your roll Hard Candy! Nail Polish + Halloween + Limited Edition = I'll buy a bottle of stale date baby food if it's got a lid with a brush in it.

Limited edition Halloween is totally cool so it's too bad these colors are pretty much played out and overdone. I mean I guess they are ok. It's like, they ARE Halloween colors so how many options are there to actually be unique? At least one of them kinda breaks the mold on traditional Halloween colors.
 Yet another brown/black base with orange glitter. HURRAY! As you can see by the state of this mani this polish is goop city. It was like trying to apply cottage cheese on my nails. It did cover nicely but good lord it was impossible to keep it from clumping up. Just check out the polish tumor on my pinky nail. This is three coats. It could be done in two if you would just take the time to add some thinner to keep it from clumping which I obviously did not do. Or just slap one coat over black.
 Black with silver glitter. This one is possibly the most overdone out of the three. Not only is it a Halloween standard it's also a common color in regular collections. It was the easiest to apply though. This is two coats.
This one is the most unique and it's quite a different color as far as Halloween colors go. The problem with this one is that it has a clear base and the glitter is much too sparse for it to be worn alone. At three coats (shown) it's still transparent and at 4-5 coats, while opaque, it ends up clumpy and goopy and won't dry.

Happy Halloween!

Love, MM


  1. last one reminds me of overdose frm L.A girls rockstar collex. agree w ur review~

  2. I tagged you in my most recent post for an award (:

  3. Weird. That's not the same Zombie I got. The one I bought has holo glitter of different sizes in a sheer purple base.

  4. The orange looks a lot like that one from ChG. And they all look kinda bumpy. Booo. And not in a good way.

  5. distantdreamer- I read somewhere that something happened with Zombie and it was replaced by an old core color that was renamed as zombie. I'm not sure why it happened and I have no idea which version is the origianl one. I would love to see what your version looks like! Email me a swatch if you want and ill edit it in the post!

    Megan- The orange does look a lot like the china glaze mostly in the fact the the base is kinda brown so from a foot away or so the polish looks like a nasty orangey brown mess. Blech! And you are right they are bumpy!!! They are totally pass worthy, its just that damn limited edition thing! It FORCES me to buy things!

    brittanyhocake- thank you so much!!! Unfortunately I am just way to lazy to participate in the whole tagging thing! I am very flattered though! I checked out your blog and I really like ur style!

    Jamie- it DOES look like overdose! Good eye girl!