Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybelline New York Fashion Week 2010

I had been eyeballing these for a few days and have had them in my basket at Walgreens twice, each time putting them back. Finally last night I went and bit the bullet and paid full price $4.49 each for Maybelline express finish nail polishes. It was like shock therapy when the cashier told me my total. WOAH PEOPLE! These things are SO overpriced! But keep in mind this is coming from someone that gets her Maybellines at dollar stores and big lots for $1-2 each.

In the store these polishes with the exception of Gray-T Glamour and Chic Chocolate looked like heavily pigmented, wondrous and rich jellies. The ONLY reason I got the 6 I did was because I thought 5 of them were jellies, my second favorite finish ever. You can imagine the disappointment when I got home to find only one of the 6 was actually a jelly. But I'm over it, it's all about sucking it up and posting swatches for you guys so I'm cool. I'm totally NOT enraged and overcome with anger at ALL. I swear.

I skipped Chic Chocolate and the black from this collection because they are just too overdone. I mean come on, no nail savvy shopper is going to pay almost $5 for a black polish when you can buy the best black polish on the freakin market for 99 cents! GRRRR! 

Even though I was overall deeply disappointed in them, these shades are not all that bad and hopefully some of you out there will like them! Hell, even I like a few of them it's just that they are NOT what I thought I was buying!
 Super duper DARK cobalt blue with blue shimmer. This one looks dead ass black on the nail indoors and pretty much every other time other than in glaring sunlight or under flash photography.  I was most excited about this one in the bottle because it looked like the most beautiful dark blue jelly. SIKE!
 This really is a gorgeous dark red jelly but it just irritates me to no end that the only jelly in the collection ends up being the red one! GAH! I have at least 50 red jellies people! This one is especially pretty though.
 Very nice greyed out medium green toned creme with subtle shimmer. This one is also really dark on the nail when indoors.
 I think this one ironically became my favorite of the bunch. It's a mid range grey creme with a nice sparkle shimmer.
Blech. This one, just like Charming Cobalt, looks black on the nail 95% of the time. In very bright light it reveals it is in fact purple with blue and purple shimmer. This one just flat out pisses me off.
My second favorite. Rich berry creme that leans a little bit towards purple. Pretty.

These were all two coaters except for Divine Wine which took 3. As promised on the label they do dry very fast but I had terrible problems with them bubbling terribly as they dried. Millions of tiny little bubbles. Also, all 6 brushes had the Maybelline curse crooked cut brushes and 2 had stray hairs that needed trimming before I could use them.

Love, MM


  1. I really, really like that blue! The dark purple reminds me a lot of a ChG Vintage Vixen (can't remember the name) and Confetti Smitten.

  2. I love Gray-T Glamour and Berry Fancy! These have been my favourite types of shades lately.

  3. You think that's overpriced? That's nothing! The insane Swedish prices has left my heart frosty and hard. Seriously, you have it so lucky and you don't even know it >_<

  4. I simply love Charming Cobalt, Gray-T Glamour and Pretty in Purple! Did any of the dark ones stained your nails?
    And I agree with you, I just hate, yes hate, when I buy something that reveals to be a fail! One day I bought a nail polish and then the brush simply fell off the tip.... Arghhh! >:(