Saturday, September 11, 2010

Excuses Explosion!

Well hello there strangers! 

Let's skip the small talk and get right into my list of lame excuse for not blogging in over a month! 
  • I got DIAL UP! I tolerated posting with it for about 4 weeks before it honestly turned uploading pictures into an hour long chore per post and I couldn't stand it ANYMORE.
  •  I ran out of batteries for my camera and have been too lazy to buy more! Seriously. (until today that is!)
  •  My "natural light" lamp that I use for photos exploded and I busted 3 new VERY expensive 6500k bulbs trying to use it before I realized it was toast. 
  • After my photo lamp exploded I felt like my picture quality and color accuracy wasn't up to my standards and refused to settle.
  •  I started to feel like I was not "enjoying" my polishes but instead only slapping them on for 30 seconds at a time to snap pics then tossing them aside. 
  • I realized I had not left the house with all 10 fingers painted the same color in over 3 months. 
  • I started feeling like I wasn't funny anymore and I was scared the quality of writing on my blog would suffer and decided it was best to keep my mouth SHUT until I felt funny again.
  • I got a hangnail.
  • My fiance's baby mama said my step chitlins could not read my blog anymore unless I stopped cussing which seemed like an impossible feat to achieve! (just kidding Misty).
  • After a few days of 10 finger manis and really enjoying my polishes I kinda got addicted and swatching seemed annoying. 
  • My dog ate my laptop?
Anyhoo, I REALLY appreciate all the awesome, amazingly sweet emails and comments I have gotten these last few weeks asking me to come back! It feels so great to know people miss me! But it also feels crappy knowing people are waiting to read about my crazies and each day find nothing new on my blog. Sorry about that guys!

My plan as of now is to just slowly ease back into blogging to try to keep myself from flaking out again. I'm going to be starting cosmetology school soon and I really want to be back into the swing of blogging before that starts so I can add some more "lessons from the looney bin" I learn at school! 
I think the best way to kick off my new start of adventures in blogging is with a few mouth watering holos, wouldn't you agree? 
Nfu-oh holos really are the prime specimens of the holo world. They are truly in a league of their own. Nail polish companies should all have the Nfu-oh holo line on a shelf somewhere in their testing departments with a big RED, FLASHING sign that says "NOTHING LESS WILL BE TOLERATED!" I just wish they offered them in darker colors. 
 BA-ZINGA! This is my favorite of the nfu-oh holos! It has just enough blue in it for me and I feel like the rainbow effect is even more concentrated in this one than it is in 61. But it could just be that I am incredibly partial to blue.

It's nice to be back. I have been hauling just as much as always so I have all kinds of goodies just hangin' out waiting to get swatched. Also, feel free to email me with requests and such if you feel like it. 

Love, MM

PS- How did everyone that bought vintage vixen feel about the polishes once you had 'em in your hands/on your nails? I myself feel almost sheepish over how overly excited I was about them pre-release.


  1. Glad to see you are back and blogging! No excuses needed! I am in love with 65. It's one of my top polishes to buy next pay check.


  2. I have been wondering where your posts had gotten to! Welcome back and keep showing those yummy Nfu-Oh's!

  3. Swooooon...

    Problems with pictures aside, you always post really gorgeous ones. I'm never disappointed by them! These look nothing short of professional. :)

    I wasn't overwhelmingly drawn to a single shade in the Vintage Vixen line. I was interested in the period theme, but not the colors. Seeing them in person confirmed that. My dear mum bought three from the collection (Hey Doll, Bogie, and Going my Way), so I checked them out. Still entirely unimpressed...

    I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Halloween colors, though, and the nautical collection coming out at the beginning of next year looks pretty lovely, too! So at least there's things to look forward to. :)

    Welcome back! :D

  4. Yay, glad you're back! Also great to hear you will be starting Cosmetology School. Now you'll have moneyz of your own and be able to do something you love (I'm assuming?, but maybe not after reading this post...)

    About VV, I feel kinda stupid for how excited I got over them, but hey, it happens.

  5. I'm so excited that you're back! I think it would cool to see an overview of what you've been hauling. congrats on starting cosmetology school soon!

  6. I"ve been wondering about you!! I'm glad you're back! And to re-open with those awesome Nfu-Oh holos. Nice. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I only have one of the Vintage Vixen line (Foxy: I like it but I don't love it), but that'll change soon.

  7. SO great to have you back, seriously!!!

    65, soooo pretty...that's one of the Nfu Oh's that i MUST own!

  8. WELCOME BACK! The gloomy Seattle sky opened up and it rained puppies and kittens and trumpeting angels heralded your return when I saw the little (1) in parentheses next to your blog title in my Google Reader.

    wasn't that a mouthful??? :P at any rate, welcome back! Your fellow crazies rejoice.

  9. yay! welcome back ;)! that's ok, no excuse needed; we all have our reasons when we disappear for weeks/months at a time. I need to get me a Nfu Oh polish because they make me drool when i see them in your posts. lol..jk but really, i need to get some.

  10. Hi! Happy to see you back. I really love your blog and the way you write your entries and if we have to get only one per month I don't care at all because I totally understand what you say about enjoying your polishes and not being able to do so while swatching the hell out of theml That's why I never got into it even though I sort of tried. It's better if you just write the couple entries that you really feel like writing instead of pushing yourself and burning out. Btw, don't criticize your pics, they're awesome.

    On another topic, I was never really excited about VV and I only got the three that really called me which were Foxy, Midnight Mission and Bogie. I received those recently and I'm happy as punch because they're just what I wanted but the collection as a whole was never something overly exciting for me. Orly Cosmic FX... that's another story, I ordered the whole thing and I'm waiting for it with GINOURMOUS expectations haha. After all I didn't have any of the dupes..... Wow, sorry this is so long.

  11. MANATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you're back!!!!! I missed you!

    It's okay to take a break every once in a while. I thought you had taken a break so I let you be.

    Zena sends you BIG doggy kisses. She's been in a kiss-kiss mood lately. It's REALLY strange.


    P.S. I haven't had dial-up since 2000. It was cable until we got wireless in 2005? Comcast bundles are fabulous. Xfinity wireless Internet and HD Cable.

    P.S.S. Yes, I totally vouch for wireless internet. It's amazing. It's like POOF! new Zena pic!

  12. I've missed your nutty self! Glad everything is OK (you weren't ill, or any great disaster.)
    Love the holos!
    I picked up Classic Camel, Bogie and Ingrid. The last 2 are too dark for summer (I haven't given up the ghost just yet!) but I really liked Classic Camel, although it stained my nails a bit. I had on Dermalect Launchpad and Makeover underneath, too.

  13. Welcome back, a great return with these holos!!

  14. Yay, glad you are back! I need those holos, they are gorgeous!! Do you use top coat with those, and if so, what kind?

  15. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Glad to see that you are back and not laid up in a hospital bed or anything. It's never good to do something when your heart's not in it. So even if you don't post as often, I'll drink it up.

    Nfu holos are tha bomb!!! Must have them ALL!! Now if my hub and the bill collectors will only understand my need....

    I went to Sally's and saw VV and said MEH! I'll wait for the Halloween ones. It seems the only line I'm excited about are the Orly Cosmic FX colors. I lucked out on Space Cadet and am in LOVE! The wear is crap (2 days for me), but I don't care.

    Glad to see you back!

  16. It's not that I'm lazy, but I agree with EVERYTHING Lor said. She took the words out of my mouth.

    As for VV, I bought Jitterbug, Midnight Mission, and First Class Ticket. I haven't worn them, but they don't look as exciting as I envisioned. However, the Cosmic Fx collex is flat-out ridiculous! *sigh* I line them up and just stare at them.

    Thanks for the Nfu-oh eye candy and keep doing what you want, girl... it's YOUR blog! (We're just happy for the opportunity to watch the show!) (^.^)