Tuesday, September 14, 2010

M.A.C. Jade Dragon & Ming Blue

Over the past month I have unlocked and opened the floodgates on MANY new polish brands I had never previously allowed myself to acquire. Well, that's a little more pleasant sounding than it actually was. I guess it was more like I BLEW the floodgates OFF THEIR HINGES going 90MPH in an 18 wheeler that may or may not have had a giant scull with flames shooting out it's eye sockets painted on the side. I also may or may not have been laughing maniacally with my head tilted back like Cruella Devil, gripping the steering wheel like a madwoman, while Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" blared out the windows.

You see, before the whole ramming of floodgates with a vehicular weapon thing, I had rules. Rules that kept me from going over the edge and accumulating mountains of polishes in mere DAYS. I had a few carefully chosen brands I stuck to. It made things simple and made it harder for me to go completely insane with the freakin polish collecting. But as you will see, THAT is all over now.

One of the brands that I unlocked was M.A.C. The second a swatch of Jade Dragon began to load on my laptop screen I was simultaneously opening a new window to M.A.C. online to buy the polish. I honestly don't even think the swatch picture finished loading before I hit the "send order" button. Ming Blue came along for the ride as well, because, well, IT'S BLUE! Not to mention, what am I supposed to do here? Have ONE bottle of M.A.C. sitting on my shelf looking all out of place and stupid? Um, NO. I am way too OCD for that crap.

Do you have a tissue handy? 
*dabs tear* Are you seeing this? This polish is UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE. It's my new favorite green. I love it so very much. It's super pigmented and is what I like to call a "careful one coater" as in, be CAREFUL and it will take one coat dude.
Hello! Wow, was I ever pleasantly surprised by this color! I mean I knew I would love it because it's blue but COME ON. I had no idea it would be this rich almost smokey yet vibrant, intensely AWESOME blue! This was a "careful 2 coater". 

Before I go for the day I have a heinous confession to make. You know that whole floodgate business? Well... one of the brands that snuck in was... um... *wispers* oh pee eye. I KNOW! I remember THIS too!!! What can I say? I LIED! It was that damn Ski teal we drop that did me in! Then the little effers just started multiplying like mad! I think it all happened sometime in the midnight hour.  I'm not entirely sure...

Love, MM


  1. 0_0 Jade Dragon MUST be mine. I think your scary truck is pushing my hippy wagon through the gates, too.

  2. I LOVE THAT GREEN! <3 I really need some MAC polishes!

  3. I love Rebel Yell. :) It's helplessly stuck in my head now, but it's such a good song that I don't care.

    Jade Dragon is lovely! And if you're going to get another polish from The Brand That Shall Not Be Named's Swiss collection, get Cukoo For This Color. I'm smitten with it!

  4. Those are flipping amazing!!!!!!! I'm not a huge OPI fan either but they are easy for me to get and I found a hole-in-the-wall shop that sells them for pretty cheap. Ski Teal We Drop and The Color To Watch came home with me. >.>

  5. omg, I love love LOVE your profile pic! i have two bostons (:

  6. wow those are both very pretty and i want those two colors for myself. i like orly,misa and CG alot. but mac has always made a decent polish even when they had those square pure ice style bottles.

  7. Those are so pretty!! I don't think I can afford any MAC, though. I don't have any OPI either, but I will soon (luckily I didn't have to buy them myself).

  8. I had purposely not bought any MAC in my entire life because I know it's makeup crack and it will hook me instantly. Have you seen the Villians collection nailpolish??? Between that and your Ming Blue swatch...I'm done...I'll need twelve steps to keep me 12 steps away from a MAC counter!!

    Oh and when I thought I was done with OPI, I found myself with Diva of Geneva, The Color To Watch and that blingy greyish color I can't think of from the Swiss collection. If you happen to pick up Diva, try that color with a matte topcoat, it looks like velvet!!