Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orly Plastix Collection

I am so super majorly pissed off at Orly after the crap they pulled with the Cosmic FX collection that it is hard for me to ignore my grudge and honestly post about their polishes. This is the main reason I waited so long to post the Sweet collection and now the Plastix collection. I'll get into all that when I review the Cosmic FX collection though, I'm just waiting for a sunny day to photograph them. 

As for the Plastix collection, it's a group of 4 polishes that are designed to dry to a "plastic finish". Honestly they are just mattes that don't dry as matte as normal mattes. The colors are just ok. Orly launched this collection with a LOT of hype with not much follow through. Two of the colors are ok but adding a layer of glossy topcoat reveals they are both dupable with other easy to find polishes. The other 2 colors in the collection are just down right ugly, and yes, they are easily dupable as well. 

The point of this collection totally escapes me. With all the matte top coats readily available these days, making a collection of matte cremes in basic colors makes no sense to me.  There is nothing unique about the colors in the plastix collection whatsoever. A couple seconds with a few common cremes and a matte topcoat can recreate these colors with equal if not better results.

 This is 3 coats. For a similar look try one coat of China Glaze Grape Pop plus a matte top coat.
 Here it is with a glossy topcoat.
This one didn't dry very matte at all. Also a 3 coater. (these are ALL 3 coaters) This color is just awful, I really cant see it looking flattering on anyone.
Here it is glossy. 
This polish was the worst of the bunch. It has a horrible orange cast in person that gives your hands a very grimy dirty look. 
As you can see this polish isn't red at all. Any dark pink polish plus a matte topcoat will be a good dupe for this polish.
American Apparel Peacock plus a matte topcoat is a great alternative to this one.
And now for a photo of it with a glossy topcoat. 

These polishes were really hard to work with.  They were thick and very streaky but still had a really bad tendency to drip all over the place during application. They all needed 3 coats either to get full coverage or to smooth out the streakiness.

Love, MM


  1. I was (very slightly) disappointed by this line too, but I also realize that I am a nail fanatic and I already own variations of all these colors and a few different matte topcoats. I did a review on the Plastix on my blog, and when u put a matte topcoat over them, they look different. Their regular finish isn't as matte as taking a regular polish and putting a matte topcoat over it.
    I think it is a decent line (minus the "red" and orange colors) and would be good for someone who doesn't have 787654367897654 nail colors in their collection and a matte topcoat.

  2. What 'crap' did they pull with the CosmicFX? Did I miss something? I'm fairly new to your blog... Seeing as Orly's one of my top brands, I'd like to know if they've done something wrong.

    I do however agree that this collex was subpar at best. :/

  3. Franken- I do agree with 99% of your comment. Except the "slightly" part. LOL

    Reese- I'll detail what I considered to be them pulling "crap" when I review the collection. Orly was in my top three brands before the cosmics collection. I'm just waiting on a sunny day to get some pics before I can post about it.