Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Attention Florida Residents!


Brian Regan is my favorite stand up comedian ever. FAVORITE. EVER. I'm totally going! So for those of you that are also going, look for me!!! I'll be the one huddled in the corner popping xanax with the slammin' nails and amish hair.  No doubt you will be too star struck to come and talk to me but hopefully you can get over it and help me out of the corner and escort me to a bar of some sort to help calm my nerves. I have a "thing" with crowds. I am counting on you to freakin' save me and drag me to my seat because I will be there all by my little self. Look, I was totally kidding about the star struck thing ok, please don't be mad because I seriously will need help finding my seat during the heart stopping panic attack I am sure to be in the middle of when you see me.

Last year my best friend and I were planning on going to see Brian Regan together but I am an asshole and I totally flaked out on her at the last minute because I do NOT do well in crowded situations. But this year is different. This year I have xanax.

So, because I flaked out on her last year my BFF has refused to accompany me to the "concert" this year. Understandably so. But I have a feeling she will be even MORE pissed at me if I go without her than if I flaked on her again. So this is me BEGGING my BFF to go to Brian Regan Live with me PUBLICLY ON MY LAME LITTLE BLOG.

If this method works and she does agree to go with me then you can look for us both! We both have super long hair to our butts but mine looks amish while hers looks all Pantene Pro V commercialy. We will probably be dressed in black but I will look like a deranged misguided teenager and she will look graceful and victorian. We will also probably both be plastered in bright colored eye shadows, I will look like I just left a face painting booth and she will look like she just left a vogue magazine photo shoot. If none of these tips help you to spot us then try this one- I will be the fat stupid one crouched down and walking like a terrified crab following closely behind a blindingly gorgeous amazonian super model. You can't miss us!  (my best friend is gorgeous so she wont be hard to spot and I'm not just saying that so she will go with me, also all of those compliments were sincere)

Anyhoo, since this post is totally off topic and all over the place I guess I'll duel purpose this post and use it to unload all my random photos that don't have matches or any other logical place to be posted.
My first BB Couture. Gorgeous 3 coater.
This one is actually really close to Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle even though it doesn't look quite like it in the pics. 2 coats.
2 coats.
Blackened red awesomeness! 
Amazing quality for a $2 polish! This is 2 coats.
My first Jessica polish! I'm impressed by the brand but they are a little pricey for me.
Amazing holo! This was 4 coats

Love, MM


  1. I have the Pure Ice French Kiss and it really is amazing!

  2. I love reading your blog! You're so funny and you have great nails. (:

  3. normaly I'm not really into green, but I love this BB couture!

  4. LOL @ the Brian Regan thing (btw, I've lurked your blog for months and never commented... creeped yet?) :D