Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Somehow I have managed to injure my freakin neck in an epic way. I have been to the doc and to the ER and next is the ear nose and throat doc. I cannot stand going to the doctor!!! I somehow always manage to get an insanely HOT doctor to examine me as I scream in pain, cry and shoot snot out my nose. I am an UGLY crier you guys.

I have a load of swatches ready but I am super looped out on pain medication and have no business talking to more than one person at a time in my condition, much less the internet. I SWEAR I am not disappearing again and will begin posting as soon as I can form coherent sentences. 

For now I will leave you with my favorite pet chicken. Fern. AKA Fern Gully the Last Rain Forest. (It's a joke about her beard ok)
Please people, do not under ANY circumstance mention her facial hair issues. She is very sensitive about her appearance! We are going to come up with some creative ways to help her appear a little more refined and feminine later, but for now she is seeing a good therapist and is working on accepting herself the way she is.