Friday, September 9, 2011

A few more Finger Paints.

Last night I went back to Sally's to grab a few more Finger Paints. I am pretty sure I spotted another nail junkie while I was there. We're a mysterious and illusive species and you rarely see us in the light of day, but I feel like I have the knowledge to identify one of my own kind when I see one. 

She was a 20 something woman with neon green nails filed to perfection. I noticed this from 20 feet away the second she walked through the door at Sally's. Yeah, I always obsessively STARE at strangers until I get a glimpse of their nails. So what? Anyways, she walked in, looking down at the ground, and made a straight B line to the polishes. A dead giveaway. Then she ninja grabbed the China Glaze Crackle Haunting 4 pack that I had JUST PUT DOWN!!! DAMN IT! She instantly bought it and I cursed under my breath for the rest of the night for putting it down. 

So, fellow nail junkie who STRAIGHT UP STOLE the new China Glaze Halloween collection from me, I hope you like your new polish. PS- I licked the package. Enjoy your strep throat. I'm pretty sure I have a swollen lymph node.

When I checked out at the register the SA went out of her way to give me a free purse. I think that means I am spending too much money there. I ended up buying 3 new Finger Paints, a new Orly, Fresh, marked down to 1.99 and China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-le. It's one of the only CG's in the core collection that I don't already have. So, I got it.

I'll go ahead and swatch all of my new ones even though the title of this post expressly says Finger Paints. Whatever. I do what I WANT!

 First up, this gorgeous hidden gem from China Glaze that I have somehow managed to ignore until now. So weird because I absolutely LOVE this color and I am wearing it right now. It's a little sheer but worth it.
Pretty redish purple. I really like this one. I have found that all the Finger Paints I have purchased dry super duper shiny. Mama likey!
HOLY SHIT! Dark blue super pigmented jelly with loads of super tiny pink shimmer. I LOVE THIS! I am so glad I got this one, I put it down 3 or 4 times.
 Here is another view of the polish above without flash to show the insane shine. Sooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyyyy.
 Wow. A perfect lavender that does not make my skin look red. Love it.
 Last we have my clearance polish. I think they sold everything from this new collection but this one polish so they marked it down. I saw this last weekend and it was 6.99. It's a neon so it dries matte. Pictured here at 2 coats with no topcoat. I'm not crazy about this but I am fairly sure that for Halloween I'm wearing this with OPI Black Shatter on top because it looks CRAZY AWESOME.

Love, MM


  1. Omg! Secret peri-winkle is one of my lemming which is un-reasonably impossible to get here even though it's in the perm collection! I so want that!

  2. Holy... What the... THAT BLUE!!!! Oh! Thank you!
    P.S. Why were you gone away? ç__ç

  3. O.O Art of theft is freaking amazing!