Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lessons From the Looney Bin- De-Pocket before you Paint!

 De-Pocket Before you PAINT!!!

It took me over a year to figure out this lesson. It's something that is SURE to happen about 5 seconds after the last brush stroke of your perfect mani. BAM! Your cellphone rings or a text comes in. WHERE is your cellphone? Of course it's deep in the pocket our your jeans or burried in the abyss of your purse. What happens next is a frantic attempt to fish out your phone withut ruining your nails which, let's be honest, is so impossible it's hilarious.

So... Before you paint your nails, remove your phone from your pocket or purse. Your mani ritual should go like this-

1- Choose polish.
2- Go Pee.
3- Locate cell phone and remove it from wherever it is WEDGED.
4- Paint nails.
5- Grin ear to ear over how brilliant you are.



  1. nice advice.. I should follow it!!

  2. No fail I always have to pee right after I paint my nails, even if I do it before I start -_-

  3. haha.. I'll say this is a very sound advice. :)

  4. I always need to root around in my bag for something or pick something up or like you say get something from my pockets as soon as I paint! I'm getting Shellac tomorrow, hopefully this will resolve the issue at least for a while.