Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outta Gas

I better head on over to the Chevron Station.  I think they have spam and I'm gonna get me some while I'm in there.  I wonder if Octaveous is working today. 

Octaveous is a really, REALLY, large black man that worked at Chevron when my BFF and I were in high school.  Say it with me guys, Oct-a-v-ous.  Anyway, one time sitting in the car in the Chevron parking lot my BFF called him Oct-a-v-i and I was like, "Dude, his name is Octaveous." And she was like, "No it's not, it's Oct-a-v-i because he's so fat, he's plural."  She busted out this little gem BEFORE we went inside to buy things.  Of course he was working that day and I have never had to try so hard not to laugh in my entire life.

They DO have spam? Awesome.
China Glaze For Audrey with Orly Wild Wisteria.
Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau with Orly Dazzle.
China Glaze It's 5'clock Somewhere with Orly Witches Blue.
China Glaze LOL and DV8.
China Glaze Flyin' High with For Audrey.
Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau with China Glaze Salsa.
Essie Mint Candy Apple with Sinful Color black on black and Art deco nail art in white.
Nfu-oh 560 with Orly Cashmere Cardigan.
2 coats Essie ridge filler, one coat Rimmel stronger and Art deco nail art in black.
China glaze white on white, China Glaze Seduce me and Salsa and Art deco nail art in pink.
Nubar forest and Nfu-oh 568 with Art deco nail art in white.
Essie African Violet with Lippmann Maneater.
China Glaze Ravishing Dahling with Orly Matte Vinyl. 

Love, MM

Monday, March 29, 2010


I just want to SNUGGLE with this polish!  I want to hug it and pet it.  Love it and squeeze it and name it George.
This is 2 coats outdoors in dappled sunlight.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Never Go Full Retard- Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection.

The Rebel Debutante Collection has kept Color club just barely from falling off the edge and going "full retard" a la Tropic Thunder my current favorite movie. The formula is better and most polishes are 2 coaters.  There are no stupid glitters, and the color selection except two, one dupe and one monstrosity, is quite good. This collection is also all cremes which makes me very happy. 
  I love this one. Great application and a great nude shade. This was 2 coats.
OH THE HORROR!  What the hell is this?  Oh my god this is so horrifically UGLY.  This was 2 torturous coats.
A pretty light grey. 2 coats, smooth and nice.
 Despite my awful picture this really is a gorgeous dusty red/brown based purple. I love this one. A LOT. 
Glossy classic pink, 2 coats.
Awesome greyish lavender. This applied like butter! Sweet polish.
Super light grey creme. It was nearly a one coater.

Of Color Clubs three new collections, Poptastic, Pardon my French, and Rebel Debutante, this is the one to buy, people. Although it pisses me off that Color Club left the best polish, Gossip Column a gorgeous looking teal, out of the set and you have to buy it separately.  Poptastic is filled with re-promotes from old neon collections, more info on that here.  And, Pardon my French is just plain stupid. But, do keep in mind that one polish from the Rebel Debutante collection is a dupe to another "new" polish.  Twiggie from Poptastic and Rebel debutante from it's namesake collection are the exact same polish.

I'm giving away a brand new set of the Rebel Debutante Collection to one lucky follower to try and redeem myself from giving away the stupid Pardon my French Collection last time. Also because I just like giving stuff away.
Rules for entry are:

1) You must be a follower.
2) You must tell someone else about the giveaway and tell me who you told in the comments.  Blog it, tweet it, email it, link it or speak it, all is fair. Just do not tell your freaking pets, ok.  Don't post and tell me you told your cat or dog and definitely NOT your turtle! 
3) One entry per person.
4) If you would like to tell me your favorite quote from Tropic Thunder, knock yourself out. Mine is, "that smelled just like bologna for some reason".

International readers welcome! Contest ends next Saturday at midnight.

Love, MM

Friday, March 26, 2010

Color Club Pardon my French Collection


This collection left a lot to be desired.  The formula on the cremes save one, Take me to your chateau which was a one coater, was streaky, sheer and took 3+ coats to even out. Not to mention the colors are BOOOR-ING, played out, and one of them is just plain, straight up, ugly dude!  I mean come on, a couple of overdone pinks and pastels, 2 boring glitters and one ugly glitter?  This is a FREAKIN STUPID collection Color Club!

The glitters were totally sheer, crap, and basically unbuildable, unless you want to deal with INSANE tip drag. So I had to layer them, which I hate!  If you wanted to achieve bottle color on those glitters, you would need to take the drastic measure of letting each coat dry completely before applying the next of a total of about 5-6 coats. Even if you use a nude base coat, which I did, bottle color is going to take a good 3-4 coats.

I feel like a real ass for giving this as a prize a few weeks ago.  I hadn't swatched them when I gave it away, otherwise I never would have.  I'm sorry your prize is crap, dear winner.  I think the name of this collection is pretty hilarious considering all the cussing that will take place all over the world as pissed off women try to paint their nails with these polishes.
 3 coats, not worth it.
4 coats, retarded.
 2 coats over nude. So sheer!
Who the hell's skin is this color?  My BFF will lol at this because it's clearly ONLY for people with Jaundice.
This is one of the ugliest polishes I have ever seen. It's 2 coats over a nude.
This one applied awesome. It was good in one coat but I did 2 out of habit.
 This is 2 coats over take me to your chateau.

Love, MM

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Morning to you


 So, we went away this weekend and my lovely fiance did THE cutest thing EVER ya'll.  I mean, it like stomped all the other cute things he has ever done to death, TO DEATH you guys. You'll see what I mean here in a minute. 
 We have been fishing a lot lately and luckily the fishing has resulted in quite a bit of catching, which is awesome and always fun and delicious.  We happened to take a short fishing adventure the day before we left for our aforementioned 3 day trip.  Here is the CUTE part.  So the night before we left for the weekend my fiance filleted a bunch of fish. He boned them and rinsed and bagged up the fillets like he likes to do so I wont have to, awwwwww. THEN he threw all the carcasses in my kitchen garbage can and went on his merry way. 
 Upon our wondrous return home the smell hit us as we walked onto our front PORCH! There really was no need for me to go inside the house at that point. Some of the other things that required nothing of me were unpacking the truck, carrying ANYTHING, cleaning ANYTHING, or generally doing ANYTHING.  I spent the time it took to return the house back to it's normal state sitting in the jeep with my head between my knees trying not to loose lunch and complaining.  I did however wake up to a seriously gorgeous manicure.

Love, the always helpful and understanding MM

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Undercover bling

These are two more of my favorite Orlys. Goth and Glam. Both seemingly run of the mill shades from a distance, but they are mixed with different sized glitter.  Glam actually has different colors of glitter as well.

They are both 2 coaters and apply great, as most Orlys do.  These are like ninjas, looking all innocent and normal until you get up close and get round house kicked in the face by the undercover awesome. BAM! GLITTER!  Plus these are two of my absolute MOST loved nail polish names.
Don't be fooled my this pitiful swatch! Glam really needs a top coat to show its full glorious, micro glass flecky, redish marooney, glittery, bad ass-ness. I must have either been in "MOAR COFFEE" or "don't care, were is the remote"  mode while swatching this because I did not use a top coat.
If you like fast cars or have dated a dude that does, you will understand what I mean when I say this polish is a "sleeper".  It just looks like your basic black from about 2 feet away then you pull up right next to it and it blows your mind. Nothin but break lights baby.

Love, MM

Monday, March 22, 2010

Matte te tat tat

I absolutely love the Orly matte polishes! Matte vinyl is my favorite, but the two polishes below are no exception to my lurve. 
  The formula on these is great. They aren't runny or gloppy unless you take too long to apply them because they dry FAST.   If you twiddle your thumbs while playing tic tac toe as you paint, thus taking forever to apply them, then YEAH they will get all streaky and gross. They are otherwise perfection. These swatches are both 2 coats which is typical for them to even out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Da Webz iz holo

Here is a cute little mani I did using my step daughters "nail printing machine".

I used sinful colors black on black and china glaze OMG for this. The little spider is in white special polish.


 Very bright pink creme with purple undertones. This was 2 coats and like most Orly cremes it applied smooth as buttah. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I LOVE THIS!  I thought for sure I would hate it in the bottle, but I had only a few green Orlys so I got it anyway. It is so pretty and unique! Smooth, awesome application, 2 coats, radical color what more could I want? 
What more could I want besides red dots in Nfu-oh 551 of course! DUH!
This is a jelly! YES! I had no idea until I applied it. I was a 3 coater with minimal cuticle drag and I really like the color. 
Deep orange based red creme. This could pass for straight dark orange under some lighting. I don't love it, it's just ok for me. 2 coats.

Love, MM

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heads up!! Awesome giveaway at Nail Addicts Anonymous!

All this could be yours my friends. ALL OF IT! 
Here is where to enter- Nail Addicts Anonymous.

Read the rules people! DANG! 

Love, MM


What a dream this polish is, I adore it. It went on so smooth and is a 2 coater. In case nobody has told you yet, YOU NEED THIS.
My new favorite pink polish, also a 2 coater and great application. Heads up light skin ladies that look freakishly red skinned when they wear light colors and pastels, this is the pink for you!
Zaaaang! A stunning blue based green shimmer. LOVE! 2 coats
This was a 3 coater and I dont love it. But I haven't seen a lot of swatches of it, so here it is!
 OH! The glass flecky goodness, the unique awesomeness! Its the morning sky living on my nails! This was 3 smooth coats.
This is a jelly based hot pink shimmer with a fuchsia flash. It takes a lot of coats but I think it's worth it.