Thursday, September 23, 2010

OPI Swiss... Kinda

It's kinda lying to call this post "OPI Swiss" since I only got 4 of the 12 colors in the collection but in my defense I have this new rule. I am trying my very hardest to stick to it but it's nearly impossible. My new rule is this- ONLY BUY THE COLORS YOU LIKE, YOU FREAKY OBSESSED POLISH HOARDER!

Normally if a collection has more than 3 colors I like I just buy the whole thing so I can review it on my blog but I have found that this leaves me wishing I had spent my money on other things and regretting buying butt loads of fugly polish just for my blog.

So meet the new me! I only buy shit I actually like. Pretty sweet 'eh? So, unless I hit the lottery go ahead and get used to me posting partial collections. But that is a sort of dumb thing to say because if I won the lottery ya'll would never hear from my ass again! Well that might not be entirely true, I would probably post one last thing like, "See ya, ya'll broke ass fools! MM OUT!"

Let's get this hypocrite train a'rollin'. I used to hate OPI, like REALLY loathe it with every fiber of my body. But then OPI Swiss came out and this little number showed up-
Feast your eyes on the single OPI polish that broke down my walls of hatred and took me into the gentle embrace of hypocrisy. After buying this one OPI the floodgates opened and I began to collect them just like any of the other brands I love. It was about a week later that I realized that this polish is an exact dupe to Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal. I am trying not to be bitter though. 
This is a gorgeous dark maroon with a slight purple cast. It definitely applied well and was a solid 2 coater. This color is very pretty but it does have a tendency to look black in most lighting.
Lightened red that leans toward dark pink. I honestly bought this one just for the name. A certain South Park episode inspired me. This one is also a two coater. Impressive...
Slammin' brick red. This really looks nothing like chocolate. I'm assuming they just named the polish that because they were desperate to put the name "suzi" onto yet another bottle, lame. It has just enough brown in it to be a brick color but it's nowhere near a true brown.

 Overall I am really impressed with these formula wise. They were all 2 coaters and applied nice and smooth. Touche OPI. 

Love, MM


  1. ur nails look freaking gorgeous! <3 ski teal we drop is awesome... damn lemming!

  2. :lol: I was having a bad day, then I read your post and laughed a lot at the first part, thank you! I guess it'd be weird if you won the lottery and keep swatching polishes.. Maybe you'd hire an assistant to swatch the polishes you buy :) Oh anyways, I didn't even care this collection until I saw your post. Now I love ski teal we drop! It should be mine!

  3. omg.. look at those CREMES! EEEEEEE!!!!

  4. Ski Teal We Drop was one of my favorites from the collection. I don't get the chocolate part of Chocoholic either...definitely RED, not BROWN.

    Did I mention it's great to have you back!

  5. lovely creme-y colors! i think your rule is a rule worth following! consider me a follower of your "ONLY BUY THE COLORS YOU LIKE, YOU FREAKY OBSESSED POLISH HOARDER" rule.

  6. I only think they added the "Chocoholic" bit to emphasise on "Swiss" cliches :p I do like this collection quite a bit. The chocolate out of most chocolate colour I found was Misa's Moody Model. It's like your nails have been dipped into liquid milk chocolate!