Friday, September 23, 2011

Ruby Kisses Nail Polish swatches part 1 of 3.

I recently discovered this brand when I was skulking through some old school beauty salons 2 weekends ago. They were on sale for $1.25 and I saw quite a few promising looking colors so I loaded up by basket with 16 colors without a second thought.

Once in the car I started my super scientific ritual of setting up the passenger side dash board as a swatching station and began the shaky business of painting skittle swatches over my existing manicure in a moving vehicle. I am sure it's great entertainment for my fiance who was driving.

I quickly realized that the polises in this collection are almost all dupes to other popular colors BUT at a much more affordable price. All the "creme" type polishes turned out to be jellies that closely mirror the Nfu-oh jelly collection. The glitters are mostly all dupes of China Glazes and Sinfuls with a few original polishes thrown in the mix.

Here are the first 5 Ruby kisses swatches. 
 Gorgeous true blue Jelly. This is 3 coats and It's still sheer. This is gorgeous enough to warrant applying some underwear. Although it doesn't look like it here, this is very close to Nfu-oh 119 with an extra coat and underwear.
 Ridiculous dark blue jelly. This is a dead ringer for my favorite Nfu-oh polish, 557 at 3 coats. Shown here at 2 coats. This one is pigmented about as well as a jelly can be and still be a jelly. So freakin' happy I got this! If you are fair skinned like me, there just isn't a nail color out there that makes your skin look better than this one does. Also, could the name be any more hardcore awesome? I would have totally made a deal with the man downstairs for this polish!  It would have been about the same price though since from a christian view my soul is only worth about a buck anyways.
This pic is with the flash on to show the glitter. This is really close to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, one of my fav polishes of all time, AND the polish my bridesmaids will wear at my wedding. BUT it's about 1 to 2 shades darker and has some silver micro glitter. This is super well pigmented and 2 coats makes it perfect. LOVE THIS.
 Here it is without flash in direct light to show the shine.
 Oh. My. God. HATE! I almost didn't upload this photo this polish makes my hands look so filthy and gross. It's unique but poorly executed. This has quite a bit of frost and shows brush marks. VOMIT!!!
This charcoal grey with tons of silver micro glitter is really close to Sinful colors Secret Admirer. Secret Admirer covers better and dries faster so I would go with the sinful and skip this one. Shown at 2 coats.

I will have the next 5 swatches in a few days.

Love, MM


  1. Blue My Mind is crazy gorgeous! After that one I lovvvve Ruby Slippers. These are so pretty, and I can't wait for the rest of the swatches :D

  2. I love them all.... you were very lucky to find those! With discount and all!!! :)