Monday, February 8, 2010

Ya Rly

Orly is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands.  Between them and Misa they are starting to give China Glaze a serious run for their money.   The rubberized handles are simply perfection.  I also am totally in love with the fact that the bottles look really large, they are heavy, solid, and feel like they are great quality.  They are really doing the trick for my bottle fetish.  The color selection is pretty good too.  I just really wish they had more blue and green cremes.  But I am covered on pink, red and purple cremes from them, holy crap.  
This is about as close to straight up pink as I allow myself to buy anymore. I just have too many pinks.  That's a real problem because pink is not my thing.  This is 2 coats. 
Gorgeous!  From the promo pics I thought this would be more of a true red but it isn't.  Its a gorgeous reddish purpley raspberry color and I adore it!  2 coats.
Another wonderful red creme added to my stash.  This is perfection in a bottle my friends.  I cannot get enough of good red cremes.  This one is so smooth, not too orange, and dries SO shiny.  2 coats.
Gah!  Love!  Super dark, vampy, red jelly.  It's got some brown in it but not too much.  It's killer awesome.  3 coats.  I really needed this when I did my vampies comparison but I didn't have it then so whatever.  My guess is that this one is right between Zoya Casey and Misa Love Bite.
So this is a tad less blue than shown here because my camera is the devil and loves to add more blue to anything purple.  It's so pretty though.  It's also a dead on dupe to Zoya Lael. 2 coats.

I've been dying to start another giveaway and it's been nearly impossible to wait until the first one was over.  But today I woke up in a foul mood with an incredibly sore throat from snoring and walked into my kitchen to find 4, count them FOUR, piles of Manatee crap.  FOUR!  We aren't talking 4 little nuggets here folks, there were four PILES.  He must have been saving it up all day like some sort of mobile poop piggy bank.  Do you know what that means?  It means that little butt hole got OUT of the bed with me on FOUR separate occasions, sauntered into my freaken kitchen, did his circle dance, and pinched a loaf.  Each time returned to my bed and snuggling back up with me in the warm covers as if he hadn't just shit in my kitchen!  He is STILL snuggled up in the warm bed this very minute!

So my morning got kicked off to a great start on my hands and knees on the freezing cold floor, scrubbing up Manatee presents.  After I collected myself, showered and had a few sips of coffee I realized a grand realization people!  This is my shit and I can do whatever I want!  So today the new giveaway starts!  
The new prize is a new bottle of Orly Enchanted forest, a gorgeous green creme, and a brand spanking new bottle of Matte Magic Top coat. 
Here is my swatch of enchanted forest, don't worry I have two bottles. 

The rules are the same as last time.  Tell somebody, link somebody, email somebody or whisper to a stranger in the checkout line about the contest and post who you told in the comments.  International followers welcome!  Contest ends Next Monday at midnight.


  1. i told some of my online friends about it, and they've checked out your blog now cause of it :)

    idk if i'm supposed to add my email here or not, but i am on the safe side

    grace - heyhey love 87 @

  2. I posted about it on my blog... and said something outloud so my 3 year old heard me too! (lol, does that count?)

    Great giveaway! Love your blog!!

  3. I'm not going to enter your contest since I have each of these already and would rather they go to someone who needs them!

    But I did want to tell you even this story about poo made me laugh! I'm sorry you had to start the morning off like that though. No warm snuggly bed for Manatee.

    You are too funny and have freaking beautiful nails!

  4. wow Orly Naughty looks amazing! I am putting it straight on my lemming list!

  5. Lol at the mobile poop piggy bank!
    I love Pure Petunia and Plum Noir on you and am so glad I have them!

  6. I would like to enter your giveaway please, I told two of my friends (who are into polish, just not as into it as I am), their names are Anna and Britt-Mari.

    I've never tried Orly since they are crazy expensive over here (like 20 USD!), maybe I should throw in a bottle Orly or two next time I order online. :)

    I love how you write by the way, your posts always crack me up.

  7. I love Orly too! Their formula is so nice. I also love the brush!

    I told my mom about the contest. :)
    I've been digging through all my local Sally's to see if they have the Enchanted Forest/Prisma topcoat set on clearance, but no luck. :( So this is a great giveaway!

  8. Ah! I'd love to enter your contest. I've been searching for that Orly for a while!

    I've told my husband and my dog. My husband went back to playing with his iPod touch but my dog got really excited and brought me his toy.

    Just in case I also told my friends on Twitter:

  9. LOl at the poop story! it seriously cracked me up :)

    omg, Enchanted Forest is a major lemming of mine!!!! I would love to try my luck for this giveaway!
    i emailed some online friends abt the giveaway, told my mum, called up my cousin and my 2 best friends & informed them too. & i posted about it on my blog:

    (BTW,Mandalay Ruby looks gorgeous on you!!!!!)

  10. Hi,
    I would love to enter also
    Iam a follower shaim
    I tweet about it here

  11. Hi there! I told both my sisters and some friends about your contest and blog!
    I would love to enter.
    Here's my email:

    thanks :)

  12. Hello! Gorgeous nails. New follower here. ^^
    Would love to enter. I told my readers and people that I e-mail. (:
    My email:
    I even posted it up:


  13. Great giveaway, thanks!

    I told all my coworkers who think I'm CRAZY when it comes to nail polish. I've even got a few of them reading some nail blogs. Maybe one of them will enter this contest too!


  14. Wow lovely colors!I am a follower. Enter me please!
    I tweeted:

  15. I told same friends about your blog!
    Your nails look beautiful.

  16. OOHHH Green creme, sweet!

    I am a new follower and I posted this on my facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. I told my sister about your blog, and posted a link to this contest on my FB page!

    miss_something_ @

  18. Hi there! I love Naughty and totally had to get it a few weeks ago. Orly is amazing!

    Anyway, I twittered and told several long distance friends..I totally called Washington from NY to fill a friend in!

  19. I told my friends and boyfriend about your blog. My boyfriend now has a good idea what to get me for my birthday, and my friends have searched and checked out your awesome blog. Thanks for hosting.

  20. Thanks for the awesome swatches. I'm really digging "Plum Noir". I'm like you and have 8 bazillion purple creams, but I have issues and can't seem to stop collecting them!!! :)

    I tweeted about your giveaway as katygmorris here:

    Thanks for the great (as always) post and awesome giveaway!!!

    kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

  21. Great pictures of those polishes!
    I tagged you for the Best Blog Award!
    (and I told my SO about the contest: He didn't care but that is old news ;-p )

  22. First, loving Enchanted Forest and Plum Noir!

    I lol'd at the "mobile poop piggy bank"! I've called our Rosie a poop mobile because every morning I have to draaag her out her warm bed to go outside where she will take forever to pee and poop before we can go back in. I'll leave her back in her bed while I go take my meds and when I come back in a few minutes, she's managed to poop again by the front door! And get back into bed. Silly baby.

    Anyhow, for the contest! I told my sister and my sister-in-law. email is lunatikitty @

  23. Hi!

    I have some orly minis and they are soo cute :)

    I posted about this on my twitter ( and facebook.

    And i'm a new follower. You make great photos and all polishes look great on your nails ;)

    nachtfee. zlobko

  24. Hi! I found your blog from another blog: contests and such. I'm so glad I found this blog, your pictures are gorgeous and your blogging style is so funny.

    I would love to enter this giveaway.
    My email:

    I'm definitely telling my friend (who I'm currently convincing to love nail polish as much as I do) about this giveaway. She loves green.

  25. LoL none of my friends are into nailpolish but I'm continuously spamming them with all you guys' blogs that I follow.

    My email is (as you can probably tell already) chichi.cherry33 at gmail dot com.

  26. Hey! I'm a new follower. Great giveaway! I told about it to all my girlfriends :D and posted a comment here

  27. Hi!Great giveaway!
    Loving Plume Noir!
    I'm a follower and i tweeted about your giveaway:

  28. Im a follower...
    I blogged about ur contest here:

  29. Hey! Great giveaway!

    I am a follower and I told about your giveaway to all the readers of my blog:

  30. Everyone in my class knows about my obsession & today I like told EVERYONE. haha poor guys were like What the Crap haha!

    I found out off MUA tinab123!

    (Want to start a blog but mom won't let me!) *sobs* =)

  31. I'm a new follower as well!

    I told my niece about your giveaway and I'd love to enter.

    giamae at gmail dot com

  32. I told my neighbor!!

    Great blog and pics as always!!

  33. Huzzah, another polish blog to scour! Also, I have been on something of a no-buy so I have been eyeing that matte top coat for a while, so I'm definitely in on this giveaway :)

    I posted this link on facebook :)

    carla.ayles at gmail point com

  34. OMG... I just found your blog by lurking on the nail boards at MUA and I have not stopped cracking up since!!! I told my husband and read one of your hilarious stories to him and he loved it... he might actually read it on his own, and just skip the nail polish part... Well Done!!

  35. I follow your blog and told my friends about your giveaway.

    Here's my blog post:

    cornelio.mallare @

  36. Hi! Your posts just crack me up, you really make a sad day have a happy ending. Thanks for having this giveaway! I posted about it on my blog, since nobody wants to listen to my polish talk irl :P

  37. Hi,

    I am just iscovering your blog and I decided to be a follower : Saori - my email :

    I told about your great Givaway to my mother and my coworkers !!

    I hope you'll accept my entries.


  38. Hi,
    I read about the giveaway at Contest and such.

    I tweeted:

    Thanks for the chance!

  39. I told my friends at work
    peripatetic33 at hot male dot com

  40. Hi,

    Thank you again for the chance to win some great polishes.

    I told my sister and my mom.

    Have fun!

  41. Was at school when someone said i had nice nails. they wanted to know what's the secret, and what are good polishes, gave them your link and they watched nail swatches the entire lesson. I should feel bad for distracting them. But the nails make me happy.

  42. I love these Orly creme...And your nails are amazing!!
    I added your giveaway to my "intl giveaway area" in my blog
    I cannot tell my husband and kids because
    a) they won't be interested
    b) they would understand that dinner is not ready because I was spending my time here on your blog instead of cooking!!
    Your poop story made me laugh, tricky dog!!
    maisenzasmalto (at) gmail (dot) com

  43. I told my girlfriends about it at dinner last night :)

    indieamazonprincess at yahoo dot com